Actor, Singer & Dancer

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ABOUT Tommy!

Welcome to the world of
Tommy Druhan


Tommy is a force of nature in a small package and growing. Everyone has a light to shine and share with the world. Tommy found out early that he shines brightest and shares his gifts best when he’s on stage. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Tommy found his gifts in the triple threat of acting, singing and dancing. He has an uncanny ability to inhale scripts and memorize mannerisms. He has a grace of movement that is truly a joy to watch, and he has a voice that has already been said to bring joy and tears when shining his light on stage. And his comedic timing is truly beyond his years. His stage presence belies his small size and to quote more than one, “when Tommy is on stage, you just can’t take your eyes off him.”


Big Fish

Big Fish

Big Fish



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